Sifu Rahsun's Traditional Wing Chun Club LA

We want to invite you to come check out our friendly private training hall.


For your free introductory lesson from world renowned wing chun kung fu instructor Rahsun Herkul.


Sifu Rahsun is level 2 Provisional Master of Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu with 30 years experience training in the art of Cheung's Traditional Wing Chun Kung Fu.


Sifu Rahsun has a "hands on" approach to teaching and has helped train people from all walks of life, in multiple countries to have better; Balance, Coordination, Speed, Strength, Focus, Discipline, Honor, Respect, Confidence and a process for Self Mastery.

Upcoming Events

Click on the calendar to see our upcoming, seminars, workshops and special events.


You will also be able to see group training times and available private lesson times.

I have organised a gofundme campaign with the aim of giving 12 students the chance to go with me on The 10th Year Anniversary Kung Fu China Tour from October 11, 2014 to October 25, 2014.


We will be travelling with Grandmaster Cheung of the TWC style of Kung Fu. If you would like to help give someone the opportunity to go to this once in a lifetime event please click on the image to the right.

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